Type of Our Dealers

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Our dealership is divided into two broad categories:


1} non-stock agent is divided into 2 sub-types (50 baht agent fee)

      The agent does not have to buy the stock to stock itself. By a large tribute to the dealer channel Online.


                1.1 Drop Ship Representative

To order goods that are shipped from our company to the customer. By not sending to your store before. And paste in the box with the sender of the name of the store. To your customer's name

Highlights and advantages of Drop Ship!

- Suitable for those who want fast, comfortable. Because you do not have to waste time packing. And every time I drive, I go to the post office. It saves time to do other things that are more useful.

- Suitable for beginners or mums or those who want to work part-time. Earn extra income To have time to work hard is tired, it can only be done.

- Can have full time customer service. Letting the product management function belong to our company.

- Not limited by the number of stores you accept, that is, you can pick up the goods from other stores as well. To make your shop look complete and diverse.

Benefits and returns

> Customers can add prices. It will make more profit.

> 3-10% discount on sold items.

> Commissions set by the company per year.

     Sales target of 5,000 Baht Kim Seong 150 Baht

     Sales target of 10,000 baht. Kim Mission 600 baht.

     Sales target of 20,000 Baht Kim Mission 1,800 Baht

     Target sales 50,000 Baht Kim Mission 4,500 Baht

By thinking that the price that the company sells to you represent. Does not include shipping


                1.2 Agent Affilitate

Affiliate Program is an authorized agent to advertise products or products on our website. To get a commission on the sale of the product, as an advertiser, you will receive a special link that will track the orders from the visitors on your link and you will receive commissions from the sale. There are many reasons to start with Affiliate Program.

Highlights and Advantages Affiliate Dealer!

- You do not need products and services.
You do not need to buy goods, warehouses, freight, what you have to do is. Find products that match your visitors. After that, find out how to get visitors to your site and click on the link. Then leave it to our staff to handle it.

- A quick and easy way to make money on the internet.
When you find a product on our website. That's right for you. You will receive a special link and start sending visitors to our site. In the beginning, you may not make much money. But if you sell it. You may start looking for ways to help with the sale.

- You do not need to have complicated website to sell.
You do not need a complicated website. To sell What you will learn is Advertising in Dodecanese is just that, you do not need to know advanced website writing techniques. But keep in mind. You do not have to spend a lot of money to start building your own website. You just have to give it time.

Benefits and returns

> Get a commission of 7% on the sale price. Excluding shipping costs.


2} Dealer holding stocks are divided into 3 sub-categories (no agent fee).

      The agent who bought the stock to stock itself. The tribute will be a professional distributor that sells both offline and online.


                2.1 Gemstones Dealer, purchase amount 12 times per purchase or purchase value of 2,000 Baht, depending on which conditions the order value is higher. Use that condition

                               Benefits and returns Gemstone representative Will be priced cheap. It is the first price.


                2.2 Sapphire Dealer, purchase of more than 50 pieces or more, or purchase of 10,000 baht, depending on which conditions the order value is higher. Use that condition

                               Benefits and returns Sapphire level agent The cheaper price. The price is second level.


                2.3 Diamond Dealer, purchase more than 100 pieces or purchase 20,000 baht, depending on which conditions the order value is higher. Use that condition

                               Benefits and returns Diamond level agent The cheapest price. Is the wholesale price level 3


     And the three stockholders are also entitled to a rebate and a return on their offer. In many other festivals Learn more press here.

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