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Shop Privacy Policy

We, ChaiRatanaSunthorn Group Co., Ltd., have set up the website of Shop-Lak.Com. Therefore, we need to collect the information and use the information necessary to identify the person. Computer Act Of the Kingdom of Thailand only.

Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and disclose personal information (in some cases). This policy describes the process of dealing with personal information. Finally, this policy explains the choices you can make about your own disclosure. Your visit to this website is both direct and indirect. You agree to our policy immediately. Protecting your personal information is your trust and it is always important to us. We will only ask for some of your information, such as name and other information. associated Only in accordance with the privacy policy that we have set. We only collect information necessary to process our transaction relationship with you.

We will keep your information for as long as required by law. It is the time for the purpose of collecting such information. You can visit and browse our website without needing any personal information. Throughout our website you will be anonymous. And can not be identified Until you sign up for an account with us. And have logged in with your account name and password.

Personal Information Warehouse

ChaiRattanaSunthorn Group Co., Ltd. will not sell or allow third parties to engage in personally identifiable information collected by the customers. Personal information collected online will only be disclosed within our affiliate network for internal purposes. Once you've created an account with Shop-Crush Personal information we collect is included. May have the following.

Name, address for delivery, email address, home phone number, cell phone number, date of birth, sex

The personal information we collect includes it. Will be used as follows.

For delivery of your order, to update shipping information. Also, if you need additional services, to provide product related information, to process your order. And services. We also provide information through our website. Would you like to know more about our products and services besides on the website.

In addition, we will use the information you give us.

Manage your account with our system, check and send your financial transaction information to verify your online payment. To check the number of downloads from our website. This is to improve the layout and content of the website to meet the needs of customers. Also, to make us more aware of the users on our site. So we can continue to study and understand the demographic statistics of our customers on our site. To update the information that is useful and meet your needs. Our products and services. And for all those reasons. We are confident that you have the right feedback and consent to keeping your personal information private. For your benefit Who are our customers?

We send your personal information including: Name and address To third parties in case of delivery. Like providing information to the shipping company.

When you register with us on the Shop-Lak.Com. We will use your personal information to provide you with special offers and promotions. You can cancel the privilege and promotion information at any time. Just press the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter we send you.

Your payment will be processed by our representative. ChaiRatanaSunthorn Group Co., Ltd. You can only pay for goods through our agents according to the payment information clearly displayed on the website. You need to track the payment process and notify us whenever there is a change or a change.

Your order information will be collected in our system. But for the strict data retention reasons. We are unable to retrieve your order information directly. However, you can access this information yourself. Just log on to the site with your own account. You will be able to see all orders processed, both in-process and on-the-spot. You can manage settings. Or change shipping location information. Bank Information And receive newsletters yourself.

You must keep the login information and personal information in the user account confidential so that such information does not reach any external parties. This is not a valid login. If the damage is not caused by us.

Update your personal information

You may update your personal information at any time. Just sign in with your account on the website.

Security of your personal information

ChaiRattanaSunthorn Group Co., Ltd. All personal information we collect is stored in our archives. We protect and safeguard your information with the following measures.

 Scope of access to personal information

 Maintaining all technology equipment is always effective to prevent hacking.

 Destroy personal information immediately after the expiration date. For safety uses a 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt financial data sent on the Internet. This is the standard of this industry.


We will not share any personal information. You have a third party or other organization. In addition to our affiliates and the person who handles the delivery of your payment, you may be asked to disclose information about yourself. It must take action as necessary in the event that it may affect the safety of the life and health of another person. ChaiRattanaSunthorn Group Company Limited is responsible and must comply with the law. Computer Act Of the Kingdom of Thailand

User's computer information

Every time you visit the shop - crushed. Our servers automatically store information from your browser. Such information includes:

· The IP address of your computer, the type of browser you are using, the website you visit before visiting the shop site - crushed, the web page in your shopping cart - the visit you visited, the length of your visit. The information you search on the website. Date and time you visited the site. Including other statistics.

These data are collected for analysis and evaluation purposes in order to improve our website, products and services. These data are also shared with other personal information.

Change of Privacy Policy

Shoppers have the right to change their privacy policy at any time. And every change is correct. It appears on our website.


If you are dissatisfied with the privacy policy We believe we do not handle your privacy right. Please contact the Customer Service Center on the channel provided on the contact page.

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